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School Counseling Services

I believe students do well when they can.

As a licensed School Counselor, my job is to guide students to be the best learner, friend, and member of the school community that they can be. I have the best job in the world!

In order to do so I provide counseling in three main areas:

  • Personal/ Social
,  Academic, Career

Counseling services are delivered in the following ways:

Classroom Guidance
As part of the Counseling Program, I teach a series of classroom guidance lessons to every student. The goal is to help empower students with the self-knowledge, coping, and life skills that will enable them to become motivated learners, effective communicators, good team members, creative problem solvers, and responsible citizens.

Small Group Counseling
I facilitate small students groups throughout the school year.  Small groups usually meet weekly for about 8 weeks. Small student groups are an excellent way for your child to meet others, gain self-confidence, and to develop positive coping skills in a safe and enriching setting.  Teachers or parents may refer students to be part of a group.

Individual Counseling
I also work with students individually for problems a student might present, such as struggles with peers, difficulty coming to school, anger management, or difficulties in the classroom, on the playground, or on the bus.  Referrals for students to meet with a school counselor can be made by classroom teachers, parents, or through student self-referrals.

Individual Planning
This includes working with students, staff members and parents to help students achieve their highest potential.

Responsive Services
This includes responding to students' immediate needs through one-on-one counseling and small groups.

System Support
This includes managing a counseling program and maintaining my qualifications and professional relationships.