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First Grade

The First Grade Team takes pride in moving children toward the standards of independent reading and comprehension of printed material. Throughout the school year, students are assessed to determine their reading level. They are then placed in a flexible reading groups with students of similar abilities where reading strategies are taught and practiced during Foundational Skills.

Students move towards Minnesota Writing Standards using the Writer's Workshop model. Daily lessons assist students in the writing process. Students in first grade write personal narratives, non-fiction texts, procedural writings, letter writing, realistic fiction stories and poems.

The Everyday Mathematics program is used in first grade. This district curriculum is rigorous and is called a spiraling curriculum. Students revisit concepts throughout the year with the idea that high priority standards will be secured. We encourage parents to help their child study basic addition and subtraction facts at home so they become fast and fluent.

We value your participation in your child's learning process. Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns at 651-293-8815 or email us:
emma.mann@spps.org, anne.jacques@spps.org