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Student Council

What We Do…

The Heights Community Student Council represents the voice of our students. We help organize community service projects, arrange school-wide activities, and provide input on school decisions.

We seek to... · build school pride · encourage positive relationships within the school · provide opportunities for students to cooperate and participate in school activities We focus on… · Leadership · Service · Student Voice · Engagement · School Improvement

Responsibilities of the Student Council Member

· Attend all weekly meetings on Friday’s

· Gather information and opinions from your classmates

· Vote on final decisions for events

· Present your ideas to the principal

· Communicate with your classmates and teachers about activities and events.

· Keep your commitments. If you sign up to do something, be there.

· Bring your folder and notebook to each meeting

· Be a role model to other students in the school/use C.A.R.E.S.

· Help with the awards programs each month

· Plan events for school spirit

· Fundraisers/ charity events

· Help at family nights

· Yearbook

· Morning announcements

· Keep up to date on events happening at our school

· Help teachers in classrooms and more


Ms. Clardy is the advisor

Student Council Members - Student Council 2015

Responsibilities of a Student Council Member